some state-perpetrated/sponsored/sanctioned/condoned large-scale crimes


the lists are incomplete and in progress.

the entry data, especially of perpetrators and dates (resp. first and second columns), are approximate.

(?) before 1800

(head of) statewhen (Gregorian)wherewhatnote
numerous statesnumerous timesnumerous placessystematically debased, enslaved, trafficked, and/or sacrificed other humans
Darius I-522Persiamassacred Magi civilians
Qin-260Changpingburied alive Zhao captivesSima Qian
Mithridates VI-88Anatoliamassacred Roman civilians
Rome135Judeamassacred Jewish civilians
Cao Cao193Xumassacred civilians
Ran Min350north Chinamassacred Wu Hu population
Al-Mahdi783Abbasidexecuted "heretics"
Genghis Khan1206 - 1227numerous placesmassacred Chinese, Mongol, Muslim, Persian, other civilians, several cities
Khanate1221 - 1264Sichuanmassacred Sichuanese population
several states1548 - 1872Kashmirsystematic destruction of Shia population
Athens-416Melosmassacred Melian population
Rome-264 - 404Romemade gladiators fight to the death for entertainment
Crassus, Pompey-71south Italycrucified slave captives
Julius Caesar-55Gaulmassacred Germani, Gaul civilians
Rome61, 77Angleseymassacred Druid population
Byzantine1209Constantinoplemassacred Latin civilians
Pope Innocent III1209 - 1229south Franceexecuted Cathar civilians
Rome-149Carthagemassacred Carthaginian population
several states-48, 272, 391, 642Alexandriaburned books
Jewish insurrectionaries115Cyrenaicamassacred Roman, Greek civiliansCassius Dio

Ottoman Empire

head / branchwhenwherewhatnote
government, military1915 - 1917empiregenocide, ethnic cleansing of Armenians1, 2, 3

United States

head / branchwhenwherewhatnote
government(1776) - 1865?nationpractice of slavery (at least in the sense that it was understood at the time)1
government(1776) -worldcolonisation, per white supremacy; global territorial/military/economic/cultural imperialism1
government(1776) -nationgenocide, ethnic cleansing of indigenous nations1, 2, 3, 4, 5
government agencies, corporations(1898) -Americaspolitical/economic/military assassinations, interference, interventions of numerous countries in the Americas1
government, military1899Philippinesneglect of sovereignty; massacre of Filipino civilians1
(?) government, military1941Pearl Harborfalse flag operation (Pearl Harbor)1
military1942 - 1945Japanbombing of Japanese civilians; blanket bombing of Tokyo1
military (with British military)1945Dresdenblanket bombing of German civilians1
military1945Hiroshima; Nagasakiatomic bombing of Japanese civilians1
military1950 - 1953north Koreagenocidal bombings of north Korea1
military1950north Koreamassacre of north Korean civilians1
military1950south Koreamassacre of south Korean civilians1
military, CIA1964 - 1973Laosgenocidal bombings of Laos; drug trafficking1
government, military1964Gulf of Tonkinfalse flag operation (Gulf of Tonkin)1
military, CIA1965 - 1975Vietnamexecutions, assassinations, torture of Vietnamese civilians1, 2
military1968south Vietnammassacre, rape, mutilation of Vietnamese civilians1, 2
government, military2001 -nation; worldextrajudicial treatment of suspects, questionable government conduct, mass fear, anxiety, shock, per "war on terror"1
(?) government2001New Yorkfalse flag operation (9/11)1
(?) government, military (coalition)2003 - 2011Iraqinvasion, leading to war and numerous war crimes, under pretext of "weapons of mass destruction"1, 2

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